Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP handles every order efficiently. Starting from its raw material calculation requirement till final issue of items to warehouse. It makes the procurement process very smooth and easy. It generates work instructions for various operations. Uses configurable items and generates data for its variants, making work very simple, efficient & easy.

Manufacturing ERP Features

Clear Work Instructions for Shop Floor

Clear Work Instructions for Shop Floor

Generate operation wise work instructions and give clear cut instructions to workers 

Eliminate Short Supplies & Dispatch Errors

Eliminate Short Supplies & Dispatch Errors

Proper BOM, Packet details, Packing list generated from system gives complete checklist and helps in eliminating any errors

Eliminate Shop Floor Rework & Control Wastage

Eliminate Shop Floor Rework & Control Wastage

System driven helps eliminating manual rework or errors. Helps in controlling wastage.

Control & Track Material Issues

Control & Track Material Issues

Easily track and monitor issues that may lead to delays or unnecessarily rework. Control issues from store for orders  

BOM generates data

One easy BOM generates data for all its Variants

Create one single BOM for all variants. Sub assemblies simplify BOM creation. Define operations for each component

Generate Item Labels

Generate Item Labels

Detailed packing list of orders and packing wise component details. Generate item and order wise item labels

Item Types

It uses different item types to make conducive working for large volume variety. Customizable items make working very simple. With one BOM data you can generate hundreds of variants.

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Bill of Material

Create perfect BOM for main item and make use in all variants. One Single BOM helps manage data for all its variants. BOM creation can be done with adding raw material and sub assemblies. Sub assemblies helps in managing small components converted into one item.

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Material Requirement

Calculate manufacturing material requirement based on order, Raise requisition to warehouse for procurement of raw material in minutes. Control any procurement related issues issues from store for orders. Issue material from warehouse based on stock availability.

Work Instruction

Generate operation and department wise work instruction. Give clear cut work instructions to workers. Generate Order wise work instructions. It help in auto generation in case of configurable products and its variants.

Packing Instruction & Order Item Labels

Order and Product wise packaging instructions with list of each item defined with quantity and specifications. Easy and quick printable method integrated with QR code system.

Generate labels based on –

  • Order Item labels
  • Item Labels
  • Item Wise Packet details
  • Packet Wise component details
  • Detailed packing list of orders

Item & Project Costing

Once the Bill of material, raw material cost and cost charges are defined, it automatically calculates the item costing based on raw material applied.

Cost charges like overhead cost, labor cost, electricity cost etc defined are the additional factors that will be considered in overall product pricing.

Similarly, it helps to calculate the project costing as well.


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