Software designed & developed by Tathata Infotech Private Limited.

A Cloud-based manufacturing ERP was created with the vision of simplifying the business operations. This software is a fully integrated solution involving inventory and order processing. The software aims at simplifying complex business operations to easier and more effective solutions.

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Our Story

Founders having worked in the industry felt, there are many challenges faced by manufacturers in the smooth running of their business operations. They felt that there was a great need of having cloud manufacturing ERP that makes life easy in terms of automating all business operations for employees and management as well.

Moreover, the ERPs available in the market are either costly or do not cover the whole Business Operations/Processes. The ones that are available do not handle the product variety & custom Orders. Hence, there exists a huge gap for Small & Medium Enterprises for a cost-effective and reliable solution. Therefore the idea of Ease My Production ERP was born.

Why ERP?

To bring a boost in the business mechanism, it is crucial to driving the operations through smart technologies. This helps in improving efficiency, productivity, work clarity and has proved to be the most beneficial.

This SAAS-based innovation not only fills the gap between order processing, manufacturing and inventory management. But also keeps updated as per changes in business requirements. Helps optimize the entire business operating mechanism in any manufacturing industry.