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Manufacturing ERP Software Modules

Manufacturing ERP

Generates production data, work instructions, inter-stage production planning, manage product data variants, bill of material and item & project costing

Inventory Management

Handles sales & purchase bookings, billing, multi-location warehouses, procurements, vendor management, and customer returns with ease

Central Order Processing

Manage Quotations, orders, drop-shipments from various sales channels are funneled here and distributed to various warehouses and manufacturing plants

Business Pain Areas

Large Variety, Short Deadlines

Creates challenges starting from sales, logistics, manufacturing, and delivery.

Efficient Utilisation of Resources

Plan production, shop floor working, warehouse deliveries for efficient working. Reduce delivery time considerably.

Consistent High Quality & New Launches

High & Efficient utilization. Eliminating rework, dispatch errors, reducing manpower achieving

Manufacturing, Planning & Control

High & Efficient utilization. Eliminating rework, dispatch errors, reducing manpower achieving

Overcome Business Challenges


Launch New Products Easily

Frequent Innovation and new product launches are handled with ease. From design & manufacturing to sales seamless communication

handle large volume vareity

Handle large Volume Variety

Easily manage products with all their variants. Configure colors, sizes, and other attributes with the main item. Every variant treated as individual product

customize made to order

Customise Made to Order

Multiple product choices and configurations, items can be easily customized. Configurable products allow a large variety of options

productivity icon

Increase Productivity

Clear-cut instructions from the shop floor & dispatch result in a highly efficient and productive organization that also boosts employees productivity

Reduce delivery time

Reduce Delivery Time

System driven work with clear instructions at every stage leads to fast production and supplies resulting in faster deliveries

complete control over operations

Full Control On Operations

Monitor complete operations and work progress through one integrated solution. From quotation to sales order, purchase, production till dispatch


Quotations to Order Bookings

Generate inquiries, quotations. Easily convert quotations to sales orders. Distribute sales orders to multiple warehouses


Central Monitoring of Orders

Manage and track all orders through the central order processing system. have full control over order status and dispatches


Easy Drop-Shipments

Distribute main order to multiple warehouses. Manage dispatches, invoices, returns from warehouse facilities with proper order status

Start With Free Manufacturing

Now Start with Free Manufacturing for Small and Start up enterprises. Upgrade from Excel and use special features of manufacturing ERP software. Store manufacturing data, documents, drawings and images.

Issue work instructions, calculate material requirements, product labels, and packing lists. Give quotes with accurate product costing. Full customer support available

Accounting Integrations

Now Use EMP with Tally Prime or Zoho Books. Get best of both worlds. Get started in a ziffy. Focus on your business and growth.

ERP Features that Helps you Grow

Upgrade from Excel

Integrations with

Seamless Coordination

Customer Support

High Reliability


Sale Support

Free Customer and Sales Support for all plans.

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