Inventory Management system

Inventory Management System

Inventory management system Efficiently handle every order. Calculate raw material requirements, issue of items to the warehouse. Smooth & easy procurement process. Generates work instructions for various operations.

Inventory management system

Manage Sales & Order Bookings

Manage complete sales operations. Book sales orders, create packing and invoices with just one click and maintain returns easily.

Customized and made to orders are handled very efficiently in Ease My Production. Provides full control over the status of each order.

Manage Stock Transfers within Warehouses

Receive and process stock-based orders from another warehouse. Create packing, invoices and issue stock to other warehouses.

Manage Issues on Returnable Basis

Manage material issues on a Returnable/Non-Returnable basis. Helps in maintaining proper records of every item that is being issued from stock.

Job Work

Raise Job work orders for third-party vendors. Track and maintain records easily of every job work that is being issued.

Inventory Management System
Inventory Management system

Purchase Requirement in Minutes

Quick PO functionality gives you a complete glance at stock levels, current orders in hand, already raised PO, and maximum stock levels that are to be maintained. Automatically generates the purchase requirement and helps raise quick POs instantly.

Compare vendor prices in one go and make intelligent purchase decisions.

Quick PO

Manage and raise multiple PO’s in one go with quick PO functionality. The full glance of product and order quantities.

IRN & QC Acceptance

Maintain proper inward receipts of material and ensure quality checks and material acceptance

Return to Vendor

Easily manage vendor returns post receipt of material. Maintain stock ledger of every entry

Open Purchase

Provision of raising additional PO other than the standard procedure of raising PO. Gives you extra functionality

Multi Warehouses

Define raw material & finished goods warehouses. All the finished goods warehouses can be linked to each other and stock transfers can be easily managed. The raw material warehouse can be linked to manufacturing. All manufacturing-related material requisitions are sent to the raw material warehouse.

Project Warehouses

You can create a project site warehouse and manage site inventory.

Consignment warehouses

If you supply material on a consignment basis, you can create a consignment warehouse to manage inventory.

Inventory management system

Inventory management system

Vendor Management

Vendor management maintains the vendor’s price list and vendor item mapping along with document storage.

Inventory management system

Separate User Permissions

Define user roles and permissions. Manage of Approvals along with separate management control

Inventory management system

Document Library

Maintain & Upload files data, designs, drawings, and other manufacturing & customer data


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