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Understanding Item Types

Item Types are the different item groups in which items can be defined. Whenever a new item is created, it is mandatory to choose an item type.

Item types offered in Ease My Production:

  • Simple Items
  • Configurable Items
  • Bundle Simple
  • Bundle Configurable

Simple Item type

Simple item is a unique standalone product that comes in standard size, color or shape. This item type can be sold individually or can be group with any Bundle Simple or Bundle Config item type.

Configurable Item Type

Configurable item is an item type that offer lot of sizes, colors, brands variety to choose from. Create multiple variants of main configurable item. Define sizes, color etc one time in the main item and the system will automatically create variants.

Note : Every variant is treated individually in the system i.e stock levels , pricing, reference cost price, SKU’s of every variant is managed separately. Also you can make any variant Active/Inactive anytime without disturbing main item.

Advantages Configurable Item

  • Manage large variety of products easily
  • Multiple variants (treated individually) helps in easy tracking of inventory and order planning
  • Easily customize products
  • Book orders as per customer requirement

Bundle Simple Item Type

Bundle simple is an item type that can be created by combining set of any simple and configurable variant. Each item in a bundle is a separate and standalone product.

This item type can be created with combination of any-

  • Simple Item + Simple Item
  • Configurable Item Variant + Configurable Item Variant
  • Simple Item + Configurable Variant

Note : Incase of configurable item, you need to choose and define the Configurable Variant in the bundle simple item type.

You can define the price and quantity of every individual item that is part of bundle simple item type.

Bundle Config Item type

Bundle Config is an advanced extension of Bundle Simple item type. This item type is created by combining set of any simple and configurable main item.

  • Simple Item + Simple Item
  • Configurable Main Item + Configurable Main Item
  • Simple item + Configurable main item

Note : When creating this item type, you need to choose and define the Configurable Main Item. System will ask you to select the configurable variant at time of sales order booking.

Advantages Bundle Config Item

  • Easily customize products
  • Book made to order products easily as per customer requirement
  • Highly suitable when there are lot of configurations and options to choose from
  • Choose configurable variants at the time of order booking
  • Lot of flexibility to select item at the time of booking order

Difference Bundle Simple & Bundle Config Item Type

Bundle Simple ItemBundle Config Item
Pre-Defined bundle consisting of standard itemsBundle consisting of configurable item that can be customized
Group any Simple or Configurable Variant Item Group any Simple or Configurable Main Item
Choose Standard bundle item at time of order bookingChoose & select from entire list of configurable variants at time of order booking
Highly useful in creating sets which are part of standard itemsHighly useful in customize order bookings and made to order products

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