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Item Group

Item group refers to set of particular products that comes under single category. For eg Storages, Women Footwear etc.

Create Item Group

  1. Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  2. Go to Manufacturing > Masters > Item Group
  3. On Item Group page, click “Add Group” button.
  1. On Add Group page, fill “Group Name”. Eg- Storages/Garments etc
  2. Select Item Category from drop down “Raw Material” or “Sub Assembly” or “Finish”
  3. Choose taxes applicable in this category –
    • State Sale Tax
    • Outside Sale Tax
    • Export Sale Tax
  4. Click “Choose Tax” button. List of all taxes defined in Tax Master will display here.
  1. Select required taxes from All Tax column and click on Blue Arrow box. List of selected taxes will display under Selected Tax column. You can also drag & drop taxes from left column to right column. Click on “Done” button.
  1. Select Status as “Active/Inactive”
  2. Press “Submit”
  3. You can reset/edit item group and tax structure anytime.

Watch Video for detailed explanation

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