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When any MO based order is received to manufacturing unit. For completion of that if Raw material is not present then Manufacturing unit raise requisition to Warehouse.

Types of Process

There are two types of process that need to be follow for issuing the items:

  1. If item is present in stock, then directly starts manufacturing of FG item.
  2. if item is not present, then first have to the material Requisition, then starts making FG item.

Steps to raise material to Warehouse

Please note to be in Manufacturing facility for raising the requisition to Warehouse.

  • Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  • Go to Manufacturing > Operations > Material Procurement> Requisition to Warehouse.
  • In Requisition To Warehouse Order Based, click on “Add Requisition” tab.

Note: Please Note the status should be “Processing” and Procurement status should be “Requisition Pending”.

  • Click on Requisition to Warehouse, click on “Add Requisition”.
  • Then list of items will appear.
  • Select the Requisition by clicking the quantity in front of it.

Note: For simple items add the quantity simply while in Configurable item add the quantity by clicking in “Configurable tab”.

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