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Open Purchase IRN

Open Purchase IRN is the process in which we can directly create receipt of item without creating PO. Sometimes when you randomly purchase items from the selected Vendor or some random Vendor without PO. In that case we can directly raise Open IRN to update that stock in the Inventory.

Create Open Purchase IRN

  • Go to Procurement tab > Open Purchase > Open Purchase IRN.
  • An Open IRN List will open.
  • Click on “Add Open IRN” button.
  • Select Auto Generated SO No from dropdown or you can manually add sales order no by clicking on the tick below that.
  • Choose Vendor from the dropdown. Ensure that Vendor details are added in Masters > Vendors before adding in sales order. To know more on adding Vendors, click here.
  • Choose Profit Center from the dropdown.
  • Choose Payment Mode from the dropdown.
  • Upload/View document if any by clicking on upload button.
  • Enter Remarks if any.
  • To Add item click on “Add Item” button.
  • Enter the Qty, rate, discount percentage(if any). Add Extra Charges (if any).Ensure that extra charges are added in Masters > Extra Charges before adding in Open IRN. To know more on extra charges, click here.
  • Click on “Submit”


Once the Open IRN is created, it will show Receipted as status. Now you can proceed for creating QC of the same.

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