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As discuss there are two ways when we give order to Manufacturing Unit.

  1. Order based Order
  2. Stock based Order

Here, we’re going to discuss the “Stock Based Order” to Manufacturing Unit.

What is Stock based Sales Order

When any Sales Order is raised on the basis of “Stock” it means the stock quantity is below the required unit so the same is given to manufacturing unit.

Steps to raise Stock order to manufacturing

  • Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  • Go to Inventory > Procurement > Order to Manufacturing> Order to Manufacturing Stock base.
  • In the Order to Manufacturing page, click on “Add New Order” tab.
  • In Add New order popup, fill all the details.
  • Click on “Add Item” tab.
  • Select the items you want create order for.
  • Click on Submit > Approve.

Approval of the Stock Warehouse Orders

After you create Stock warehouse Order, you need to approve it by switching in facility from Warehouse to Manufacturing.

Steps to approve Stock Warehouse Order

  • Change the facility from Warehouse to Manufacturing.
  • Click on Operations > Manufacturing Order > Manufacturing order from Warehouse.
  • Click on the order from the Grid.
  • Select it then click on “Approve”.

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