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Create User & Define Role Permission

The purpose of user and role permission is that you can define roles and give permission to every user as per their scope of work. Ease My Production users and roles comprises of 3 sections.

  • Roles List
  • Roles Permission
  • User Roles

Role List

Ease My Production has defined 10 user roles by default which helps in getting started with the ERP. After logging in Ease My Production, you can see list of user roles in role list tab.

List of default user roles


First user, email Id that is used to create account on ease my production is by default given the role of Super Admin which has access to entire application.

You can define and add more roles as per requirement. Subsequently, you can edit, update or delete any role in future.

Adding new role

  1. Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  2. Go to Settings > User and Roles > Role list.
  3. On the Role list page, click Add Role button.
  4. On Add Roles page, write Role Name & Role Description.
  5. Click on Submit button.

Edit Role

  1. On the Role list page, click on the role in which changes are required.
  2. Edit Role name and Role description.
  3. Click on Update.

Delete Role

  1. On the Role list page, click on the role which you want to delete.
  2. Click on Delete.
  3. Pop up window will appear asking for delete confirmation.
  4. Click on Proceed to delete the role or else Discard incase you don’t want to delete.


The system will not allow the deletion of roles if that role is assigned to any user. However, if you still want to delete, change the role of that particular user or delete that user.

Role Permission

After role creation, assign permissions to every role as per their scope of work. To get started, Ease My Production system has already defined permissions to default roles. You can easily change permission levels to any role in the future if required.

Change Permission to any Role

  1. Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  2. Go to Setting > User and Roles > Role Permission.
  3. On the Role Permission page, select the role from dropdown on which changes are required.
  4. On selecting the role, window showing its permission levels will open up.

For example, if you want to make changes to the permission of the “Manager Manufacturing” role.

  • Uncheck blue box as shown in below image
  • Click on Submit
Permission levels for Main Facility

System allows to set permission on every operation level. On further expanding the arrows, there are deeper level of permission sets that can be assigned to particular role.

In below image, you can see permission levels defined for every form. Cancel, Hold, Create Packing, Print, Upload Doc, View.

For example, if you don’t want to assign Cancel permission to Manager Manufacturing, simply uncheck the box and click on Submit. Subsequently, the Manager Manufacturing will not have permission to cancel any order from the warehouse.

Permission levels for every operation

User roles

You can create and add user for every facility.

Create User

  1. Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  2. Go to Setting > User and Roles > User Roles
  3. On the User list page, click Add User button.
  4. On the Add User pop-up, fill all the required details of the user.
  5. Assign facility > Click toggle button on for which you want to assign facility to the user
  6. After switching ON the facility, dropdown bar will show.
  7. From the dropdown, select the role that you want to give to user.
  8. Click on Submit.

Reset User Details

  • On clicking reset, it will refresh all the tabs and will remove all the filled in data

Edit User Details

  • On the user list page, click on user.
  • Click on Edit > Make changes to User name, mobile no, email id as required > Update

Change Password

  • On clicking change password, Pop up window will open up asking for confirmation.
  • Click Proceed if you want to change your password or else click on Discard.
  • Pop up window will open up. New Password is sent to the user registered email id.

Delete User

  • On clicking Delete, it will delete the user permanently.

Watch video for detailed Explanation

How to add user and define user roles permission

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