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Voucher Series

Series that defines any particular form/voucher number. Whenever new facility is created, system generates automatic voucher series of all forms as per your subscription plan. You can also create multiple voucher series against one form and manage as per your requirement. Also, you can make any voucher series active/inactive whenever required.

Create Voucher Series

  1. Log in to “Ease my Production” software with log in details.
  2. Go to Setting > General Setting > Voucher Series Menu
  3. On Voucher series page, click on “Add Voucher” button.
  4. Select required option from dropdown in Facility Name, Form Type, Financial Year, Default & Status.
  1. In “Voucher Series Name” write name of the series. For e.g. Invoice, Delivery Challan, Quotation, Issue Document etc.
  2. In “Prefix” define the series code. For e.g. if you want to make invoice series with company name/financial year etc. You can write ABC/ INV/ 21-22. This code will come in beginning of this particular voucher number. Please note prefix can be of maximum 14 letters/digits.
  3. In “Suffix” define the series code that you want to show after starting no. For eg. ST for store. ABC/ INV/ 21-22/1/ST (1 is the starting no). Suffix is optional. Leave it blank in case you do not want to mention anything. Please note suffix can be of maximum 14 letters/digits.
  4. In “Starting No” mention the required number for eg 1 or 101 or 1000 from which you want series to begin with.
  5. Click on “Submit”.
  6. On submission, it will show serial no as Prefix/Starting number/ Suffix i.e. ABC/ INV/20-21/1/ST

Edit Voucher Series

  1. Go to Setting > General Setting > Voucher Series Menu
  2. List of all voucher series will display. Click on series in which you want to edit/make changes.
  3. Click on “Edit” button, system will not allow to edit facility name & form type.
  4. You can Edit/Make changes to rest other fields.
  5. Similarly, in case you want to make any voucher series Active/Inactive, you can do so following these steps.
  6. Click on “Submit”
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