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Integration Setup in EMP for Zoho Books

Steps to Integrate Setup in EMP for Zoho Books

  • Login in EMP with your Login credentials.
  • Go to Integration → Integration

  • Enable Zoho Integration toggle.

  • Click on Generate Client ID

Note: A new window of Zoho API Console will open.

  • Select / Add Client.
  • To add client click on “Add Client” button.

  • Choose Server-based Applications in Client type.

  • Enter Client Name, Homepage URL, Authorized Redirect URIs and create.

Note: Kindly enter the following URLs –

  1. Homepage URL – https://login.easemyproduction.com/
  2. Authorized Redirect URIs- https://login.easemyproduction.com/
  • Copy Client ID, Client Secret and paste it in EMP window.
  • Client ID is present in Zoho Books → My Profile → Manage Organization.

  •  Zoho Redirect URL will be same as the Homepage URL in Zoho API Console.

Note: Zoho Redirect URL-  https://login.easemyproduction.com/

  • Generate Code

  • Map Facilities in EMP with Zoho branches and Zoho Extra Charges with EMP Extra Charges and save Ledger Details.

Note- 1. Branches should be enabled and available in the Zoho organization.

2.In Ledger, Fields will come auto filled, you just need to save them.

  • Map EMP Taxes names with Zoho Taxes from the drop-down options.

  • Map Customers, Vendors, Items, if any, from drop-down menus or go to next.

Note: To map Customers, Vendors or Items Master, the same should also be present in the Zoho Books Organization.

  • Sync Customers, Vendors, Items, Purchase IRNs, Return to Vendor, for already existing data in EMP.

Note: By pressing “Sync Now” button the masters present in EMP will be created in Zoho Books automatically.

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