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PO Fulfillment Date

PO fulfillment date is the feature by which you can track the fulfillment date of a particular PO by the vendor.

Update PO Fulfillment Date

  1. Go to Warehouse > Procurement > Purchase > PO Fulfillment Date
  2. List of all the PO will appear on the page.
  1. Click on the PO in which fulfillment date is to be updated.
  2. Click on > Edit. Select new fulfillment date from calendar.
  3. Click on Submit
  4. Upload/View document if any by clicking on upload button

New saved fulfillment date will be shown above in history and will be updated in the Vendor Confirm DD in the outer grid of PO order list.


1. PO fulfillment date will only allow for PO’s in Processing and Partial Completed status.

Types of PO fulfillment Status

  • Processing (after PO is approved)
  • Partial Completed (when item partial qty is received from vendor)
  • Completed (when complete qty is received from vendor)

Send Email to Vendor

  1. On the PO fulfillment date outer grid, Click on the Send Mail button.
  2. On the pop up window, enter receipients email id.
  3. Choose Email Template
  4. Click on Send Mail Button
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