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What is quick PO

A quick PO is a functionality through which we can raise any Purchase Order quickly in a Single Click for a mean time. Later on after approval we can approve it manually.

Steps to create PO

Note: To create Po you should be in your Warehouse facility.

  • Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  • Go to Inventory > Procurement > Purchase > Quick Purchase Order.
  • Then Quick P.O. Grid will appear.
  • In that select the item you want to raise PO for.
  • Click on “Vendor”.
  • Click on “Vendor” by selecting check box.
  • Click on quantity ordered.
  • Click on “Save”.

Note” It will directly take you to the Purchase Cart.

Steps to follow at Purchase Cart

  • List of Purchase Cart is opened.
  • Click on “Create Purchase Order”.
  • In the Create purchase order popup, enter only Vendor reference number and Autogenerated number.

Note: Rest all details will come automatically of the selected vendor.

  • Select Autogenerated No. from the drop down.
  • Fill the Vendor Reference number.
  • Click on Submit > Approve.
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