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Purchase Order

Purchase order specifies the details about products we need to order by a specific vendor along with the price, quantity, tax, and terms and conditions. Book Purchase order from warehouse facility from which it is need to be executed.

Steps to create Purchase Order

  • Select Warehouse facility in which order is to be booked.
  • Go to Operations tab > Procurement > Purchase > Purchase Order.
  • Click on “Add Purchase Order” button.
  • Select Auto Generated SO No from dropdown or you can manually add Purchase Order no by clicking on the tick below that.
  • Choose Vendor from the dropdown. Ensure that customer details are added in Masters > Vendors before adding in Purchase order. To know more on adding Vendor, click here.
  • Select Profit Centre, Payment Mode from dropdown.
  • Click on Checkbox if the shipping address is the same as the billing address. Else fill in the shipping details.
  • Upload/View document if any by clicking on upload button
  • Click on Add Item. Select items for Purchase order.
  • Enter the Qty, rate, discount percentage(if any). Add Extra Charges (if any).Ensure that extra charges are added in Masters > Extra Charges before adding in sales order. To know more on extra charges, click here
  • Click on “Submit”.


1. Once the Purchase order is created, it will show Submit as status. Only the warehouse manager/other users who has permission to approve the PO will be able to approve it. After approval, it will show status as “Processing” on the Issued page

  • To approve > click on Approve button
  • To make any changes > Click on Edit button   
  • To cancel > Click on Cancel button
  • To delete > Click on Delete button

Types of Purchase Order Status

Ease My Production helps easy management of orders via their statuses. At a glance, you can immediately view the status of any particular order with color demarcation.

  • Submit (when SO is created)
  • Processing (after SO is approved)
  • Partial Completed (when partial qty invoice is generated)
  • Completed (when complete qty invoice is generated)
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