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Upload/View Document

Easy uploads and management of any order data with help of this button. Upload any document, image, data, excels or any other type of file and maintain full documentation. All types of files are supported. To upload/view document –

  1. Click on the Document Upload/View button on the Sales Order Page.
  2. Upload document pop up window will open.
  3. Write description of file name/type. Then Click on “Choose File”. Select file from your computer library. You can choose 1 single file at a time.
  4. Click on Add if you would like to add more files. Repeat the same process as point no 3.
  5. Once done, then click on Save.
  6. To delete any file, click on Delete button
  7. After Saving, the entire list of uploaded documents will be shown below under the download documents tab.
  8. You can download files anytime anywhere whenever required. Also you can delete files if required.
  9. Click on Save
Upload/Download data
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