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Stock Conversion

Stock Conversion is a functionality through which you can easily convert the stock the from “Good stock” to ” Bad stock” or “Bad stock” to “Good stock” which is there in your Inventory. If accidently the stock in your Stock which is in Good condition is not in the condition to used we can simply convert that particular stock to “Bad Stock”. In the same way if after little refining Bad Stock can be used so we can used that stock in good Inventory by converting to “Good Stock”.

Steps to do Stock Conversion

  • Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  • Go to Inventory > Operations > Stock Maintenance> Stock Conversion.
  • In the stock Conversion List, click on “Convert Stock”.
  • In the Convert stock popup, fill all the details.
  • In Stock Conversion No. choose number from the drop down.

Steps to Add item in stock conversion

  • Click on “Add item” tab.
  • Select the items by clicking the checkbox.
  • Click on Done > Submit.


Good stock can be converted in Bad and Bad stock can be converted in Good. Same stock cannot be converted in same for that stock adjustment need to be done.

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