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Sales Order Planning

This functionality helps in easy order management and gives complete control of your orders. Full clarity on order status, dispatch status, procurement status. The SO planning has 3 stages-

  • Order Fulfillment Status. 
  • SO Planned Delivery Date.
  • Dispatch Scheduling.

Order Fulfillment Status

Order fulfillment status gives a complete picture of all sales orders and their dispatch status and expected fulfillment date of every order.

Dispatch status shows Total Order Qty, Dispatched Qty, Packed Qty, Pending Order Qty with the progress bar

The expected fulfillment date is generated by the fulfillment date given against PO/MO. The system by default picks the last date given by PO/MO. For eg – if the PO fulfillment date is 1st Jan 2021 and MO fulfillment date is 5th Jan 2021, then the system will pick 5th Jan 2021 as the expected fulfillment date. 

To View the order, go to Sales Order Planning > Order fulfillment Status > Choose Order

Order status is defined in two parts- 

  • Dispatch Status – shows Total Order Qty, Dispatched Qty, Packed Qty, Pending Dispatch Qty of every item in particular order with progress bar info. To view Dispatch Status of order > Click on Dispatch Status button. Grid showing all dispatch information will show up.
  • Procurement Status – is further divided in two parts – Manufacturing Order (MO) and Purchase Order (PO). To procure items for a particular order, the warehouse will either raise PO to the vendor or raise MO to the manufacturing facility.
  • To view, Procurement Status of order, Click on Procurement Status button. Grid showing all procurement information will show up.

To understand how to raise Procurement Order. Click Here

SO Planned Delivery Date

SO planned delivery date gives a complete picture of all sales orders and their actual/planned delivery date along with every order status.

SO Planned delivery date all orders grid

Types of Order Status

Order status wherein order action/delivery is to be done will be shown here. Completed, Partial canceled, cancelled, submit orders will not be shown here.

  • Processing (Confirmed order, ready for processing)
  • Partial Completed (when item partial qty is dispatched)
  • On Hold (when order is on hold)

To view, particular order, go to Sales Order Planning > SO Planned Delivery Date > Choose Order

On this page, you will see all history of delivery dates that are updated earlier.

Update Delivery Date and Time

To update the new delivery date, click on the Edit button > Move the cursor to Calendar > Update date and time as required, enterRemarks (if any) > click on Submit

New saved delivery date will be shown above in history and will be updated in the Planned Delivery Date in the order list.

Update new delivery date and time and maintain date history

Color demarcation in Delivery Dates

  • Green Color – Enough time for Delivery
  • Yellow Color – Delivery date is nearby
  • Red Color – Delivery date is expired
Color demarcation on delivery dates for an easy glance

Dispatch Scheduling  

This is a calendar view, where you can see the order details, dates and times to be dispatched. View Weekly, Monthly, Daily dispatch schedule of orders. 

Note –

1. Only Orders in Processing and Partial Completed Status will be displayed on the calendar.
2. Processing orders – Blue color orders
3. Partial Completed – Green color orders

To change Dispatch date > Simply drag the orders to the new dispatch date. The new dispatch date will automatically be updated on the sales order planned dispatch date in the orders grid.

To view Order Details > Click on the Order > Click More Details button

More details button will direct you to Dispatch/Procurement status from where you can see every item details and their expected procurement dates.

Calendar view dispatch scheduling
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