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Issue Returnable/Non-Returnable Basis

This tab is used to issue any material (both raw material and finished) from the warehouse. Issues can be created on both a returnable and non-returnable basis.

Create an Issue

  1. Select Warehouse facility.
  2. Go to Operations tab > Issues > Issue on Returnable/Non-Returnable Basis
  3. Click on “Add Returnable” button
  4. Select Issue Document no, customer name, profit centre, payment mode from dropdown.
  1. Tick the Checkbox if the shipping address is the same as the billing address. Else fill in the shipping details.
  2. Upload document/images if any by clicking on upload button
  3. Click on Add Item. Select all items for which issue is to be created.
  4. Fill the Qty and Rate. Add Extra Charges if there’s any.


1. Once the issue is created, it will show Submit as status. Only the warehouse manager/other users who has permission to approve the issue will be able to approve it. After approval, it will show status as “Issued” on the Issued page.
2. Issue can only be created if the item is in stock.

  • To approve > click on Approve button
  • To make any changes > Click on Edit button
  • To cancel > Click on the Cancel button
  • To delete > Click on Delete button

Please note these buttons will be shown only to the user having these permissions. To know more about users and permissions, click here

Ease My Production helps easy managements of issues via their statuses. At a glance, you can immediately view the status of any particular issue with color demarcation.

Types of Status in Issue-Returnable

  • Submit (when issue is created)
  • Issued (after issue is approved)
  • Partial Return (after creating return from customer and only partial qty is returned)
  • Complete Return (after creating return from customer and complete qty is returned)
  • Cancelled (when issue is cancelled)

Return from Customer

Create and manage returns from the issues that are done. Enter the return quantity and move it under the good or bad inventory type. This will help manage the stock and status of every issue done on a returnable/non-returnable basis.

Create Return

  1. Choose Issue no for which return is to be made.
  2. Go to Return from Customer tab > Click on Create Return button 
  3. Choose Return No series from dropdown
  4. Enter the number of Return Qty
  5. Choose Inventory Type from dropdown. Good or Bad Inventory

List of returns created will show in Return from Customer Inner tab and Outer tab menu

Cancel Return

To Cancel the return > Go to Return from Customer > Choose Return No > Click on Cancel button

Types of Status in Return from Customer

  • Return (when item/issue is returned)
  • Cancelled (when issue is cancelled)


The system allows creating invoices for any particular issue that is done. For example, if the customer wants to purchase an item after it was sent against the returnable issue, then you can raise an invoice for the same.

Create Invoice

  1. Choose Issue no for which invoice is to be made.
  2. Go to Invoice tab > Click on Create Invoice button 
  3. Choose Invoice No series from dropdown
  4. Enter the number of Invoice Qty
  5. Click “Confirm” button


Please note if there is any return made of a particular issue, the system will not allow you to create an invoice of that quantity.

Cancel Invoice

To Cancel the Invoice > Go to Invoice > Choose Invoice No > Click on Cancel button

Types of Status in Invoice

  • Invoiced (when item/issue is Invoiced)
  • Cancelled (when issue is cancelled)
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