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Issue For Job Work

Job work is an order that is given to a third-party vendor. Any job work related to the item can be issued to the vendor and track material inward by the system. You can also define cost and tax on any particular job work.

Create Job Work Order

  1. Go to Warehouse Facility
  2. Go to Inventory > Operations > Job Work > Issue for Job work.
  3. On the page, entire list of job work order raised will be displayed here along with the status of every order.
  4. To create new job work order, click on “Add Issue Job”.
Add Issue Job
  1. Select Job Work Issue No from dropdown.
  2. Select Vendor from dropdown. Ensure that vendor is added in Masters > Vendors. To know more on adding vendor, click here
  3. Upload/View document if any by clicking on upload button
Add details
  1. Click on “Add Item” button to add items. Please note that appeared item list will show only items mapped to vendor choosen above. To know more on vendor item mapping, click here. Select items > Done. Incase of Configurable, please select the variants.
  2. Enter Issue Qty, Job Work Price, Discount % (if any). Add Extra Charges if any.
  3. Click on Submit


1. Once the job work is created, it will show Submit as status. Only the warehouse manager/other users who has permission to approve the job work will be able to approve it. After approval, it will show status as “Processing” on the job work page.
2. Job work can be cancelled if required. The status of the same will be Cancelled.
3. Job work can only be created if the item is in stock.
4. When the job work qty is issued, it will minus the stock of that item, and on cancellation, the stock will be reverted back.

  • To approve > click on Approve button
  • To make any changes > Click on Edit button
  •  To cancel > Click on Cancel button
  • To delete > Click on Delete button
Button actions on submit status

Type of Status in Job Work

  • Submit (when job work is created)
  • Issued (when job work is approved)
  • Partial Return (when partial qty receipt is generated)
  • Complete Return (when complete qty receipt is generated)
  • Partial Cancelled (when partial qty receipt is generated and rest of the order is cancelled)
  • Cancelled (when order is cancelled)
Status in Job Work

Receipt from Job work

Receipt from Job work is a confirmation/acknowledgment receipt against the item issued for Job work.

Create Receipt

  1. Go to Warehouse Facility
  2. Go to Inventory > Operations > Job Work > Issue for Job Work
  3. On the page, entire list of job work orders raised will be displayed here along with the status. By default, the latest order will displayed on the first in the grid.
  4. Click on the order against receipt is to be generated.
  5. Go to Receipt for Job Work tab.
  1. On Receipt for Job Work page, click on Add Receipt button.
  2. On the inner receipt page, Select Receipt No from dropdown.
  3. Enter Vendor Invoice No, Enter Remarks if any.
  4. Upload/View Documents if required.
  5. Enter Receipt Quantity. (Quantity that is received from the Vendor)
  6. Click on Submit.


1. Submit button will only enable when you enter the Receipt Quantity.
2. Receipt qty cannot be greater than Issue qty.
3. On Submit of receipt, the status of receipt will be Receipted.
4. Cancel of receipt can be done if required. After that, the status of receipt will change to Cancelled
5. Issue and receipt qty of job work will be reflected in the stock item ledger.

Cancel Receipt

  1. Go to “Receipt for Job Work
  2. Go to Inventory > Operations > Job Work > Receipt from Job Work
  3. Click on the required receipt which needs to be cancelled.
  4. After opening, click on Cancel button.

Type of Status in Receipt from Job Work

There are two types of Status which can be done for Receipt for Job Work-

  • Receipted (when item is receipted)
  • Cancelled (when receipt is cancelled)
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