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Extra Charges

Extra Charges are the additional charges that are added in customer sales order, vendor purchase order. For eg – delivery charges, installation charges, round off charges etc.

Types of Extra Charges

  • Define extra charges on the basis of Percentage or Fixed Amount. Percentage will calculate on item total and fixed amount will display the amount mentioned.
  • Define calculation type Add or Subtract. On adding it will add the % or fixed amount and on subtract it will subtract the % or amount. For eg – Round Off extra charge can be defined in subtract. so it will round off/minus the decimal figure in sales order if required.

Adding Extra Charges

  1. Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  2. Go to Inventory > Masters > Extra Charges.
  3. Click “Add Extra Charge” button.
  4. On Extra Charge page, fill the required name field.
  5. On Charge Type choose “Amount or Percent
  6. On Calculate with, choose “Add or Subtract” from the Totals.
  7. Select status from dropdown Active/Inactive.
  8. Incase you want to edit the extra charges in future, you can do so following above steps and click on “Update”
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