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Create Configurable item Variants

When any configurable item is created, it’s variants are also created parallelly so that it can be easy to find out in which forms it can be distinguish. So that we can easily create BOM, SO, PO etc. for those Items.

Steps to create Variants of Configurable item

When you create Configurable item and after it is successfully saved when you open the item you’ll see the next tab in which “Item Variant” is written. So, Now let’s proceed how to create variants to Configurable items.

  • Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  • Go to Manufacturing > Masters > Items.
  • Click on the Item you have created which is appearing in the grid
  • Click on “Variant Creation” tab.
  • Click on “Edit”.
  • After clicking on Edit, “Size Units”, “Attribute Color” & “Other Attribute” are added accordingly to added these attributes while creating Item.


For differentiating in terms of Size we can add Size attributes in our item. For e.g. : If our item is one but has different sizes in terms of length, breadth & height. Then we can add ‘n’ numbers of Length, breadth and height variants.


If our item is having different shades in single item, then we can add number of colors. We can also differentiate our item if it is available in colors in edges, legs and many more.


If our item is is having other differentiating feature other than Size and color like brand name then we can add those attributes here.


In this we can add other details like UOM, Alternate UOM(Alternate UOM is used when the raw material is calculated in other UOM), Conversion formula (It is done to convert Alternate UOM to main UOM so that final cost or BOM can be prepared), sales price, Cost Price & weight.

  • Click on “UPDATE”.
  • Item variants can be created.

NOTE: Item variants created with combination of above variants added can be seen in Next tab “Variants Details”.

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