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As we know when a new company is created, all the masters need to be added. to make this process easier we have a new feature in our ERP that we can “Bulk Upload” all the item master at a single click. For that what we have to do is just to export the data from the Excel Sheet.

Note: Please be sure to export the excel in the same format as it shown in Bulk Upload details like Group in Column A, Item name in Column in B. Asterisk (&*) marks are mandatory to insert without that Upload cannot be done.

Steps to Bulk Item Upload Items

  • Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  • Go to Manufacturing > Masters > Items.
  • Click on “BULK” button.
  • After clicking on BULK button format page in appear according to which data need to be present in Excel sheet.
  • Synchronize Excel sheet with the above format.
  • Click on EDIT Insert the Excel Column Name which is present the upload Excel sheet.
  • After Editing, Click on “NEXT” tab.
  • Upload the Excel file from where data need to be uploaded.
  • Click on “Upload and Preview”.
  • When the Uploaded data is matched, Click on “Confirm” tab.
  • Then data is uploaded.

Watch video for Detailed Explanation

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