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Bulk Item Upload Items

Bulk Upload is the very convenient functionality is our ERP. In this all the masters like Customer, Vendor & Item details can be uploaded in a single click. As we know when a new company is created, all the masters need to be added. For this we need to have eport all the data in the Excel format just make sure to synchronize the data in the same format as we have in our


1- Please be sure to export the excel in the same format as it shown in Bulk Upload details like Group in Column A, Item name in Column in B.
2- Asterisk (&*) marks are mandatory to insert without that Upload cannot be done.

Create Bulk Item Upload Items

  • Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  • Go to Masters tab > Item Item.
  • Click on “BULK” button.
  • After clicking on BULK button format page in appear according to which data need to be present in Excel sheet.
  • Synchronize Excel sheet with the above format.
  • Click on EDIT Insert the Excel Column Name which is present the upload Excel sheet.
  • After Editing, Click on “NEXT” tab.
  • Upload the Excel file from where data need to be uploaded.
  • Click on “Upload and Preview”.
  • When the Uploaded data is matched, Click on “Confirm” tab.
  • Then data is uploaded.
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