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Drop shipments

Drop shipments is the term refers to allocate the demand in the order to the assigned Warehouse. This process is done make the process to manufacturing the material will be easier. It saves lots to due to this large order can be completed in short span of time.

Create Dropship Orders

  • Log in to “Ease My Production” Software with login credentials.
  • Go to Order Processing tab > Operations Centralized Sales Order
  • Click on the Order which you have created, by default it will appear first in the grid whose status is “Processing”.
  • Click on “Drop-ship Order” tab.
  • Click on “Drop-ship Order” button.
  • Select Auto Generated SO No from dropdown .
  • Upload/View document if any by clicking on upload button.
  • Click on “Warehouse” tab.
  • Allocate the Warehouse accordingly whose list is displaying.
  • Click on Submit > Done.


1. Once the Drop-Ship order is created, it will show Submit as status. Only the warehouse manager/other users who has permission to approve the Order will be able to approve it. After approval, it will show status as “Processing” on the Issued page

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