Item Types

Configure a wide range of item types. Item types are the heart of the Ease My Production system as all further processes are managed from here. Allows all types of customization possibilities and every item is managed independently


An item that is unique and stand-alone. Used independently in nature without any attributes


An item that has a lot of options like sizes, colors, brands, or any different attributes.

Bundle Simple

Created by combining any simple or configurable item. Works as a bundled item or set in a bundle.

Bundle Config

Define any main configurable item. Items defined in this bundle are flexible and variants.

Variants & Attributes

Define an unlimited variety of colors, sizes, brands and other attributes with the main configurable item

Automatic Variants Creation

Define the main item with its attributes, the system automatically creates its variants with just a single click

Manage large number of Variants

Capable of handling a large number of variants. SKUs, stock levels, pricing of each variant can be managed individually

Customizable Product Options

Configurable & Bundle item type helps in easy customization of products and orders. Book customized orders as per user requirement

Understand Item Types

This video will help in understanding what are these item types and what does each item type do.


Discover How-to-Guides

How to Create Configurable Product and its variant

This video will help in understanding what are these item types and what dies each item type does.

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