dashboard reporting

Dashboard & Reporting

Monitor individual overview performance of warehouses and manufacturing plants. The dashboard gives consolidated and individual performances of various facilities.

Performance Dashboard

The dashboard provides a complete summary of the overall company’s performance. Extract all facilities reports and view them in detail.

Powerful Reporting

The system provides all kinds of reporting Financial-Year wise, Facility-wise, Month-wise, Customer-Wise, Item-Wise, and Detailed report.

Advanced Overview

Every facility has its own overview wherein summary performance can be seen. Permission roles can be defined as per user.

Individual Warehouse Wise Detailed Reports

All facilities provide their individual separate reports

Company’s Performance Dashboard

Company’s dashboard performance consolidating all facilities reports in one main dashboard

Consolidated Reports

Generate Financial year-wise, Month wise, Item group-wise & Item wise, Customer Group-wise reports

Separate Manufacturing Reports

Operation wise work instructions, Packaging, Order item labels and other manufacturing reports are provided in the manufacturing

Multiple Formats

View, download, print reports in multiple formats like in Xls, Csv, Pdf 

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